Shame and Medicine Exeter
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COVID-19 and Shame Book Project


The Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 research team, Luna Dolezal, Arthur Rose and Fred Cooper, are co-authoring a book that investigates how shame and stigma were generated and exacerbated by public health policy, messaging and practice during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK during 2020.

The book titled, COVID-19 and Shame: Political Emotions and Public Health in the UK, has been contracted by Bloomsbury Academic for the Critical Interventions Medical Humanities book series, and the manuscript will be completed in March 2022. Publication date coming soon!

This book builds on previous publications from the Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 Project which look at  the public shaming of frontline doctors during Covid, the positive and negative stigma attached to health workers and the idea the ‘saving face’ is motivating political public health decisions.

We also recently published an article in The Lancet titled COVID-19, online shaming, and health-care professionals.