Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 Seminar Series

Event date: June - December 2021

Venue: Online Event

The Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 Seminar Series, organized at the University of Exeter as part of the UKRI-AHRC funded ‘Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19’ project, addresses the key role that shame and stigma have played in the COVID-19 public health crisis. With talks from established and emerging experts in sociology, anthropology, history and public health, this interdisciplinary seminar series examines the effects of shame and stigma during the pandemic, considering topics such as national responses, professional practice in medicine, community resilience, public health policy and BAME experience.

All seminars will take place on Thursdays 2-3.30pm GMT.

Confirmed dates in 2021:

3 JuneProfessor Robert Walker & Dr Yang Lichao (Beijing Normal University) – ‘Stigma and Shame in China during Covid-19’. View recording. View blog.

8 JulyDr Agnes Arnold-Forster (McGill University) – ‘Frustration, Shame, and Indifference, Surgeons’ Negative Emotions in the Age of Covid-19’. View recording.

2 SeptemberProfessor Laura Bear & Dr Nikita Simpson (LSE) – ‘Building Cooperation: New Relations of Stigma and Mutuality in the UK’s Covid-19 Recovery’. View recording. View blog.

7 October Dr Ray Earwicker (University of Exeter) – ‘Shame and Stigma: the Dark Side of Covid Policymaking’. View recording. View blog.

4 NovemberDr Hannah Farrimond (University of Exeter) – ‘Stigma Mutation: Continuity and Change in Covid-19 Stigma‘. View recording.View blog.

13 January 2022 Dr Tanisha Spratt (University of Greenwich) – ‘Understanding Racism-Induced Stress in the Context of COVID-19: Representations of Shame, Anxiety and Stigma in UK BAME Communities’. View recording.

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