Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Advisory Board

The project has a distinguished Advisory Board to help formulate the research design, to review and analyse our findings throughout the project, and to guide our dissemination strategy.

  • Alex Aylward, Patient Representative
  • Des Fitzgerald, University of Exeter
  • Syed Husain, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
  • Jane Macnaughton, Durham University
  • Karen Mattick, University of Exeter
  • Rachel Moore, St. Columcille’s Hospital, Ireland
  • Ralph Hurley O Dwyer, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin
  • John G. Richmond, University of Sheffield
  • Arub Saeed, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
  • Jonathon Tomlinson, GP Partner and Trainer, NHS
  • Robert Walker, Beijing Normal University & University of Oxford
  • Emma Wiley, Croydon University Hospital
  • Angela Woods, Durham University