Shame and Medicine Exeter
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British Science Festival

Event date: 8th September

Venue: St Pancras Church, Guildhall

Visit our event at the 2023 British Science Festival ! We will be at St Pancras Church from 11.00am-10.30pm in the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Exeter on Friday 8th September. All are welcome and no need to book.

Shame in Medicine: The Lost Forest Podcast

What is shame? And how does it manifest in the medical world?

These are questions that The Nocturnists, a medical storytelling podcast, and Luna Dolezal from the Shame and Medicine Project at the University of Exeter have been asking. By tracking the stories of over 200 healthcare workers across the USA, UK, and beyond they’ve produced “Shame in Medicine: The Lost Forest”, a podcast which gives voice to unspoken truths about medical culture.

Accompanied by stunning illustrations, you can pop on some headphones and select from a catalogue of episodes to learn about the connections between experiences of shame, and the wellness of clinicians and patients.

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