Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Shame Sensitive Practice

Through our research we are developing principles for shame-sensitive practice. Drawing from the pioneering work of Matthew Gibson (Gibson 2015, 2019), shame-sensitive practice involves not only attempts at minimizing unhealthy shame, thereby reducing the potentially damaging and “debilitating effects of shame” (Gibson 2015, 339), but also an awareness of shame dynamics, where practitioners are more attuned to bypassed, deflected or invisibilised shame and its consequences, while also being alert to ways that shame and shaming may be produced through organizational practices and policies. In this way, shame-sensitive practice is integrated at the interpersonal level—in interactions between practitioner colleagues, and between practitioners and clients—and also at the organizational and policy levels—with an understanding of how institutional structures, practices and policy decisions can exacerbate or create conditions for shame and shaming. Being attentive to shame, and acknowledging its significance for individuals, in care contexts can improve both engagement and outcomes.

Luna Dolezal and Matthew Gibson have co-authored a paper ‘Beyond a Trauma-Informed Approach and Towards Shame-Sensitive Practice’ published in June 2022 by the Humanities and Social Sciences Communications which outlines principles for shame-sensitive practice and which was featured in a University of Exeter press release.


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