Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics Workshop Series

Event date: Oct - Dec 2021

Venue: Online



The “Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics” Workshop Series aims to address the following questions:

  • How are the concepts of respect, disrespect, shame and humiliation relevant to healthcare and bioethics debates?
  • Could deeper conceptual, philosophical and phenomenological understandings of (dis)respect, shame and humiliation help improve the practice of medicine?


Confirmed Speakers

Barry Lyons, Children’s Health, Ireland

Luna Dolezal, University of Exeter

Vania Smith-Oka, University of Notre Dame

Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen

Thomas Gutmann, University of Munster

Peter Schaber, University of Zurich


The overall goal of the workshop series is to share, analyse and reflect on issues and topics related to respect, disrespect, shame, humiliation and related concepts within healthcare and bioethics, using a multidisciplinary perspective.

Conceptual understanding of the moral concept of ‘respect for persons’ in the context of healthcare and bioethics has gained significance in recent times. While the dominant understanding of ‘respect’ in the context of bioethics has focused on ‘autonomy’, this conception has been critically questioned. However, the moral concept of respect for persons remains unanalysed from a philosophical and phenomenological understanding, and this analysis requires a critical understanding of the nature of respect and disrespect. Across cultures and institutions, the moral code to respect another individual applies while deliberating, negotiating, and interacting with them. One should avoid, or lessen, disrespectful treatment which can lead to experiences such as humiliation, shame and a loss of recognition. Leading bioethical arguments suggest the principle of recognition is significant with regard to understanding the moral concept of ‘respect for persons’ and also in actualizing respect within interactions in various situations. This workshop series aims to critically engage with these moral concepts from multidisciplinary perspectives and frameworks in order to enhance our understanding of both respect and shame, along with their significance for a more optimal delivery of healthcare.



Supriya Subramani

Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine

University of Zurich


Luna Dolezal

Associate Professor in Philosophy and Medical Humanities

University of Exeter



  • To provide a space for early career scholars and senior scholars from different disciplines to workshop and get feedback on papers related to the conceptual themes of this workshop series.
  • To encourage rich discussion around these themes, and ultimately compile workshop contributions into an edited volume or as part of a Special Issue of a peer-reviewed journal.


Format of this workshop series

  • There will be six workshops in this series.
  • Each workshop will take place on a Friday afternoon 2.00pm-4.50pm (dates below).
  • Each workshop will consist of a presentation from a Confirmed Speaker and a presentation from an Early Career Researcher (ECR).
  • Both presentations will be followed by questions and discussion, with ECRs receiving tailored feedback.

All presenting ECRs are not expected to attend all the sessions.

All registered participants will receive the link to attend each session of their choice.



We invite abstracts from Early Career Scholars who would like to present a paper at one of the Workshop sessions (dates and themes below). Presentations will be 20 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of feedback and discussion.

Please send abstracts (500-1000 words) indicating your preferred workshop date/theme to​by 5pm May 1st2021, with ‘Submission to Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics Workshop’ in the subject line.

In preparing your abstract, please pay close attention to the workshop description and the workshop theme for which you are applying.You will be notified of our decision no later than 1stof June 2021 and the full paper needs to be submitted by end of August 15th2021.

Please direct any questions regarding the workshop series to Supriya Subramani:

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