Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics Workshop Series Recordings

The “Respect and Shame in Healthcare and Bioethics” Workshop Series aims to address the following questions:

1 October – Watch recording.

Luna Dolezal, University of Exeter – “Trauma and Shame: Shame-Sensitive Practice in Trauma-Informed Approaches to Healthcare.”

+ ECR presentation from Supriya Subramani, University of Zurich – “Exploring Respect and Humiliation in Bioethics.”

22 October – Watch recording.

Vania Smith-Oka, University of Notre Dame – “Microaggressions as Forms of Humiliation and Shame within Medical Encounters in Mexico.”

+ ECR presentation from Sarah Howard, University of Birmingham – “Counting Fake Latrines: Shit, Shame and the State.”

5 November – Watch recording.

Thomas Gutmann, University of Munster – “The Legal Protection of Respect in Healthcare.”

+ ECR presentation from Vanessa De Luca, University of Nantes – “Investigating Responsibility and Reactive Responses Towards Addiction.”

19 NovemberWatch recording.

Barry Lyons, Children’s Health, Ireland – “Stigma and the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers.”

+ ECR presentation from Nataliya Shok, Privolzhsky Research Medical University – “Medical Error as a Stigma: The Moral Code in Healthcare Practice and Bioethics in Russia.”

3 December – Watch recording.

Peter Schaber, University of Zurich – “Respect for the Patient’s Wishes.”

+ ECR presentation from Katharine Cheston, University of Durham – “The ‘Wish to be Treated with Dignity, Respect and Empathy’: (Dis)Respect and Shame in the Context of ‘Medically Unexplained’ Illness.”

17 DecemberWatch recording.

Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen – “Shame, Self and Other.”

+ ECR presentation from Maryam Golafshani, University of Toronto – “Empathy and Shame through Feminist Phenomenology: The Limits and Possibilities of Affective Work in Healthcare.”