Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Core Research Team


Associate Professor in Philosophy and Medical Humanities, University of Exeter

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Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Care, University of Birmingham

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Consultant, Anaesthesia & Critical Care Medicine and Bioethicist, Children’s Health, Ireland


Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Social Work and Social Care



Shame and Medicine Student Intern 2021

Research Team – Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 Project

  • Arthur Rose, University of Exeter & University of Bristol
  • Fred Cooper, University of Exeter





We are collaborating with a number of individuals and organisations.

Individual Collaborators

  • Diane Aubin, Diane Aubin Consulting
  • Will Bynum, Duke University
  • Daniele Carrieri, University of Exeter
  • Mark Exworthy, University of Birmingham
  • João Florêncio, University of Exeter
  • Nicola Gale, University of Birmingham
  • Michael Gallen, Composer
  • Dawn Leeming, University of Huddersfield
  • Gemma Lucas, University of Exeter
  • Penelope Lusk, University of Exeter
  • Sandy Miles, St Andrew’s Surgery, Eastleigh, UK
  • Julia Neville, University of Exeter & Devon History Society
  • Matthew Ratcliffe, University of York
  • Mary Robson, Durham University
  • Arthur Rose, University of Bristol
  • Paul Snelling, University of Worcester
  • Tanisha Spratt, University of Oxford
  • Supriya Subramani, University of Zurich
  • Charlotte Wu, Harness Health Partners


Collaborating Organisations

  • Birmingham and Women’s NHS Hospital Trust
  • Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter
  • Centre for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen
  • Devon History Society
  • Grief: A Study of Human Emotional Experience Project, University of York
  • Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University
  • Nordic Network for Gender, Body & Health
  • The Nocturnists
  • University of Exeter Medical School
  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Culture and Health, University of Exeter

Advisory Board


  • Alex Aylward, Patient Representative
  • Des Fitzgerald, University of Exeter
  • Syed Husain, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
  • Jane Macnaughton, Durham University
  • Karen Mattick, University of Exeter
  • Rachel Moore, St. Columcille’s Hospital, Ireland
  • Ralph Hurley O Dwyer, Trainee Doctor, HSE, Ireland
  • John G. Richmond, University of Sheffield
  • Arub Saeed, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
  • Jonathon Tomlinson, GP Partner and Trainer, NHS
  • Robert Walker, Beijing Normal University & University of Oxford
  • Emma Wiley, NHS
  • Angela Woods, Durham University