Shame and Medicine Exeter
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We are delighted to welcome Dr Fred Cooper, University of Bristol, to the Shame and Medicine Project as an Honorary Research Fellow until January 2025. Fred is a historian of medicine at @BristolUniLaw and is presently working on loneliness and epistemic injustice as part of project EPIC.

He is a contemporary historian of medicine and transdisciplinary researcher, usually working under the broad umbrella of the medical humanities. His primary interests are in shame and loneliness, specifically their histories (and futures) as objects of analysis, anxiety and intervention in medicine, public health, the humanities, and the psy and social sciences. Fred was a co-investigator of the AHRC-funded urgent grant, Scenes of Shame and Stigma in Covid-19, with Luna Dolezal (PI) and Arthur Rose. His research examines how political and structural determinants of health are sanitised and individualised in the stories we tell about experiences and emotions, and how these processes work across (relatively) long historical timelines. Within and around these themes, he has further interests in cultural contexts of illness and health, care work, mental health at university, and engaged research.

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