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New Funding: Shame Competence Training

We are delighted to announce Luna Dolezal’s successful funding bid to produce, in collaboration with Devon & Cornwall Police, an innovative and evidence-based Shame Competence Training product that will be used to develop individual and organizational shame competence in Devon and Cornwall Police, along with other agencies and organizations, including practitioners in the Serious Violence Prevention Programme. The development of the product is funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and Devon & Cornwall Police Serious Violence Prevention Programme, and the Open Innovation Platform Funding, University of Exeter.

Over the course of the last year Luna has been working closely with Devon & Cornwall Police and initially produced a ‘Shame and Violence – Considering Shame and Shame-Sensitive Practice in Policing’ presentation to help the Police and specifically the Public Health Approaches in Policing Group to better understand the role of shame in violence, and how shame-sensitive practice might be a useful approach in thinking about violence prevention.  Alongside, Luna has been collaborating with Devon County Council and the Trauma-Informed Plymouth Network to incorporate a ‘shame lens’ into their on-going work with an overall aim to improve outcomes and to create more humane and emotionally intelligent practice, for both practitioners and patients/clients/service users. The interest in shame-sensitive practice and these continuing collaborations has led to this funding.

For more information visit Shame Competence Training in Our Work.

Photo by Diana H on Unsplash

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