Shame and Medicine Exeter
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New Artwork: Graphic Medicine Project

Following on from the Call for Artists for our Graphic Medicine Project and in collaboration with The Shame Conversation we are delighted and excited to share with you the art work by Hannah Mumby, one of the artists we commissioned to create visual representations of shame experiences in health professionals education.  Hannah is a trained psychoanalyst with a particular focus on illustrating challenging emotional states and dynamics, and is also interested in exploring the boundaries of what illustration can be, through engaging with emerging research.  She is hugely talented and the perfect person to bring our research to life.

These images are visual representations of the facets of shame and are an amalgamation of multiple real-world shame stories, depicting emotional and cognitive processes of shame that often occur in private after more visible emotional upswells wane.

For more information about how to use the images as an educational resource in order to explore the experience of shame, please visit The Shame Conversation to take part in the ‘Shame Spiral’ graphic activity and contribute to the discussion.

This graphic medicine project has been funded by the Exeter-Duke Collaboration Fund (2020-2021) and an Enhanced Research Award from the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health (2021), University of Exeter.

Image copyright Hannah Mumby 2021 –

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