Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Luna Dolezal


University of Exeter

Luna is a Professor in Philosophy and Medical Humanities.

Luna is the PI on the Shame and Medicine project and the UKRI-AHRC Covid Rapid Response project Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 and a co-I on the Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures project.

Luna’s research is primarily in the areas of applied phenomenology, philosophy of embodiment, philosophy of medicine and medical humanities. Her work is driven by an interest in understanding lived experience and embodiment, and how these intersect with, are co-determined by, the socio-political and technological frameworks in which we are enmeshed.

Luna’s current research is primarily focused on three inter-related themes: (1) shame and self-conscious emotions; (2) embodiment and self-other relations; and (3) emerging medical and body-based technologies.

See Luna’s University of Exeter profile here.

For details on Luna’s publications, presentations and talks related to the Shame and Medicine project visit Publications.