Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Juanita Navarro-Paez

PhD Student, Art History and Visual Culture

University of Exeter

Juanita joined the WCCEH as part of the Shame and Medicine Project. Her project will explore how shame and shaming in medicine are represented through comics from an intersectional perspective. She will compile and engage with a corpus of comics that addresses the experiences, fictionalised or autobiographical, of patients, carers, medical students, and healthcare professionals.

Comics, being a media that combines text and image, offer important communicative tools that allow for in depth discussions of topics that could be considered taboo or overly complicated, both for authors and audiences. Moreover, they are commonly used by marginalised groups to make their own personal or collective stories known and regain control over their narratives.

See Juanita’s University of Exeter profile here.

For details on Juanita’s publications, presentations and talks related to the Shame and Medicine project visit Publications.