Shame and Medicine Exeter
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Call for Doctors

The Shame and Medicine Project is looking for doctors who have been disciplined by the GMC and feel shame or other self-conscious emotions as a result of it.

By shame we mean the emotional experience of feeling bad about yourself, for whatever reason. This could be low intensity experiences such as minor self-consciousness that makes you reflect on yourself in negative ways, to more highly intensive experiences such as feeling disgraced, by yourself or someone else.  We are looking to see how these feelings, emotions, and experiences influence the delivery, experience, and maintenance of medical care.

Our researchers at the University of Birmingham and the University of Exeter are interested in your experience, and would like to hear about the incident(s), your feelings and how you processed them.

To find out more and register your interest in taking part, please contact Dr Farina Kokab at and she will arrange to give you a call to discuss the research.

If you have an NHS organisation they will be compensated for your time.


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