Shame and Medicine Exeter
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British Festival of Science: Shame in Medicine – The Lost Forest

The Shame and Medicine Project was delighted to be part of the 2023 British Festival of Science. We held an interactive art exhibition at St Pancras Church in the Guildhall Shopping Centre on Friday 8th September 2023 and showcased The Nocturnists’ award-winning podcast series ‘Shame in Medicine: The Lost Forest’.  More information here and click here to listen to a clip from each episode..

Thank you to all those who attended.

Photo by Theo Moye

‘Incredible exhibition, very relevant to my job in the NHS – I plan to share this within my teams. Really good to ensure this gets shared with local NHS and social care organisations so they can learn. Also brilliant illustrations. Thank you.’

‘Very thought-provoking. I often use the NHS with my elderly parents and it does make you think differently about things going wrong and that we are all humans with real feelings. Will be listening to the podcast and encouraging my parents to do so too!’

‘I loved this podcast, even though it was grueling to listen to – I’m not a physician myself but the episodes around failure and testing really struck a chord with me. Beautifully done.’

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